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About Me

Hi there - 

My name is Valerie and I'm a Houston native, currently living in Austin, Texas. I took up modern calligraphy when my sister asked me to help out with her wedding and after an introductory class, things really started to take off. I've always loved writing names over and over on paper, and even got called out for doing it in a meeting once (oops). Naturally, it made sense to take my low-key obsession and turn it into a full-on side hustle (...and dreaming big into the future)! 

When I'm not busy doodling pretty words on paper, I live for new experiences and have traveled extensively for work, study and play. I've been lucky enough to call New Jersey and London my home and cherish the memories and lifelong friends I've made along the way.   

Most importantly, I love meeting new people and getting to share my craft with the world. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing how my designs and creations add a special touch to make your event, wedding or ordinary day a little more magical.

Say hi, and let's create!